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Cheese Class At Red Ridge Farm, Dayton Or.



Grand Room at Oregon's Red Ridge Farms and Olive Mill

5510 NE Breyman Orchards Rd.
Dayton, OR 97114

Phone: 503.864.8502



Sat. March 11th, 2017    11 am to 1 pm


Long time Farmstead owner and cheesemaker, Gayle Starbuck will teach you the basic principles of artisanal cheese making. Sip a glass of complimentary Durant Vineyards wine while watching an in depth cheese making demonstration.  As milk is heated to the proper temperature for a Queso Fresco, you will learn about culturing, rennet’s, cutting the curd, then draining and molding. Find out where and how Oregon’s best local milks are processed.  Enjoy samples of fresh made Ricotta topped with local honey, Chèvre topped with Oregon Olive Mill EVOO and a taste fresh French style Feta served with a crusty bread. A dessert of Crème Fraîche with local berry jam and a tangy lemon curd will finish off the afternoon.  Your take home bag will include instructions, a glossary of terms booklet, recipes and a 10% off coupon to the Red Ridge Store.  



Please contact Portland Homestead Supply to sign up for classes, make payment and for more details and cancellation policy.


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8012 SE 13th Avenue, Portland, OR 97202

In the Sellwood area



     ~ Classes at Portland Homestead Supply Co ~


                        2017  Winter Classes


Cheese Classes, just one of the many Urban Farm skills to learn.


Cheese Making; Soft to Semi-Firm Fresh Cheeses





This is a great foundation class for beginners or intermediate cheese makers. Have fun learning the skills of making soft to semi-firm sliceable cheeses in your own kitchen, at a fraction the cost of store bought cheese.


This class is taught by Gayle Starbuck, a long time farmstead keeper and owner of Curds on the Way. She will teach you all about the basic principles of cheese making, Oregon’s local milks and the best type to use (both cow and goats). Starting from the dairy pick-up, how the processing plant works and then to the market shelf.


Class starts with demonstrations and some limited, up close student interaction with the curds. While the milks are warmed to the proper temperatures, you will learn about culturing, rennet’s, testing and cutting the curd, draining and molding.


There will be plentiful samples of everything as the class progresses with fresh Ricotta, served with honey and cinnamon, Queso Fresco, a goats milk Chevre with herbs de Provence, a tasting of a fresh, creamy, French style Feta served with a crusty bread and how you can duplicate the marinated Feta at home. A dessert of Crème Fraîche with fresh raspberry sauce and lemon curd will finish this class off just right. 


Bring your love of cheese along to this class and plan on Gayle answering all of your cheese making questions. Your take home bag will have instructions, cheese making tips and recipes.


All of your cheese making needs are available right in the Portland Homestead Store with plenty of guidance from the staff.



Join us at Portland Homestead Supply Co. in the Sellwood/Portland area for a great beginning cheesemaking class!


Class limited to 8 students only.


Jan. 14th 2017

11:00am to 12:45 pm 

Cheesemaking Class  

~Portland Homestead Supply~  

( Open) 


Feb. 11th 2017

11:00am to 12:45 pm 

Cheesemaking Class  

~Portland Homestead Supply~  

( Open) 




Queso Fresco Cheese Classes, in the Beavercreek Kitchen

No Classes At This Time ~ Check Back Soon


In this class students will learn from hands on experience the techniques of culturing, renneting, curd cutting and draining to produce a homemade cheese that they can take home.

Milk, Dairy Culture, Calcium Chloride, Cheese Salt and Vegetarian Rennet are included in the supply fee. The milk is a pasteurized, homogenized product. All equipment for use during the class will be provided by Curds on the Way.

Classes will be held in Beavercreek, just south of Oregon City.

Classes are limited to 4 students for each class, allowing for more individual attention to the cheesemaking process.

A light lunch of soup, bread, and dessert will be served.

Please pay for the class in advance on this web site, through the secure PaPal system, or you may send me a check in advance. Contact me for address.


You will be contacted when payment is received and class time confirmed.

I’m looking forward to making cheese with you!




Class limited to 4 students only


$50.00 per class with lunch

Cancellation Policy:  If there is a need to cancel, please let me know 3 days in advance to make other arraignments, as I need to have the correct number of supplies and lunch prepared for the students. I appreciate your consideration of this policy.


 If the class is cancelled due to very bad weather,you will be given credit for another scheduled class or a refund.

Making and Using your own Sourdough Starter

No Classes At This Time


Class Discription:  

Come and learn the art of making sourdough starter that you can make more sourdough from indefinitely.

She’ll show you how to mix up a batch of blueberry sourdough pancakes and cook the batter on a griddle, dropping on the blueberries from Gayle's garden as they cook. Then you'll slather them with fresh lemon butter, a topping of fresh homemade blueberry jam, home-made Crème Fraiche and then enjoy the delicious taste.

She will also discuss a no-knead bread,and then you'll sample sourdough cranberry bars, one of the take home recipes.

Your take home goodie bag will include a container of live, Oregon sourdough starter.
Within a few days, and some feedings as will be demonstrated in class, you’ll have a culture going, without needing to add more yeast to a recipe.

All materials provided, instructions, recipes and a spatula that you may keep.

Payment Options

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You may also pay directly to me by mail with a check.

Please email  me and I will give you the address of where to send your check. 

While maintaining the tried and true practices of basic keep-it-clean and sanitized with watch-the-temperature standards, my methods scale down cheese making projects to fast and manageable sizes for storing and serving. 
With "Hands On" classes and using basic kitchen utensils, class demonstrations and printed instructions, you'll be ready to make any soft to semi-soft cheese, from Crème fraîche to Fromage Blanc. Then you can say I "Did It Myself ! " 
Go to the contact page, fill out your name and email.
Post any questions in the comment box, hit submit and I will return an answer to you.

I look forward to meeting you in class,  

Beginning Cheesemaking, Whole Foods Market Salud! Kitchen

Direct Set Cultures 101

Using dairy products ~ sources for ingredients

Developing recipes using your soft cheeses

This class is a fun, easy way to learn cheese making
Learn to make: a variety of soft cheese such as:
Fromage blanc ~ Fromagina ~ Crème fraiche ~ French Herb pressed Cheese
Also learn about: Feta, Hallumie cheese
Learn easy step-by-step techniques using basic utensils and clean and sterile methods for making cheese at home.